Conferences / Workshops

All the conferences are about interpersonal skills to teach one how to connect to who they truly are and learn how to deliberately enrich their life (work) experiences. You will learn tangible principles, universal truths and proven techniques that you will be inspired to apply in your daily life.

Here are some conference samples and the subjects they touch upon:

Learning to Deliberately Enrich Experiences

Know Thyself

Who we truly are

Why we here

Understanding the role of emotions

Understanding Vibration & Emotions

Our true Self

Thoughts are their effect

What exactly is vibration

Exactly how my thought create emotion and influence my vibration

Healing the Split in the Mental Plane

Emotional Intelligence

Going Beyond human conditioning

Determining limiting beliefs

How to move past trauma simply

Life Unfolds at its Own Pace


The lost art of contemplation and conversation

Our natural cycles and how to better use them

The true meaning of letting go

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Where as my conferences are meant to inspire wanting to learn more about the subjects brought forth, my training’s are meant to delve deeper into each topic and provide specific examples and exercises ― supported by technological, psychological, spiritual and scientific advances in metaphysics and epistemology―that help you heal the mental split.
Here are some training samples and the subjects they touch upon:

Emotions Management

Emotional Intelligence

Emotions and their effect on our bodies

Learning to navigate the scale

Learning to tip the scale

Beyond Conditions & Beliefs

Our true Self

Determining conditions and beliefs

Understanding their workings

Your brain and body’s addictions

Navigating Our Psychic Frequency

Emotional Intelligence

Understanding frequency (vibration)

Learning to use your intuition

Learning to project your vibe

Trusting Life


Learning the three (3) basic unwavering laws (rules) of the universe

Using universal truths to your advantage

Influencing your entourage positively

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