Awakening to your true power

Module 1 | The Framework of Existence

Hi, I’m Lina and many times throughout my life

-especially after returning to work following my maternity leave-

I suffered from bouts of depression.

I was plagued with a non-ending loop of thoughts about objectives, performance, results, responsibilities, etc. both at work and at home.

I was stressed, anxious and depressed with regard to the endless to-do lists and oppressive societal and spiritual guilting, shaming and cynicism.

I thought that I wasn’t up to par.

I thought I was doing life wrong…

I didn’t understand why I was so unhappy

I had all the things:

A good job

And yet, I was still deeply unsatisfied with life.

I would dread waking up in the morning, especially on Mondays.

I was annoyed and ornery, daily.

I would only feel relief when I could smoke a joint and binge-watch Star Trek Voyager

I felt ungrateful

I felt frustrated

I felt that there were these obscure things that I had to conform to…

I thought I was supposed to:

  • Work hard and get better at things I’m not inherently good at, nor like
  • Sacrifice/ dim / hide my good-fortune
  • Be grateful to settle for less than what I truly wanted
  • Heal my childhood traumas
  • Redeem myself for past (life) wrongdoings
  • Let go of (not have any) desires because they cause suffering
  • Fear unconscious beliefs

And all that “supposed to do” shit, just kept me fckn crazy, nauseous (literally), and spinning my wheels.

  • Do you seemingly have it all and are still unsatisfied / discouraged about life?
  • Are you angry at the fact that you have to do things you don’t feel like doing?
  • Do you often feel ornery/indignant?
  • Are you asking, “what’s wrong with me?” and/or “what am I missing?”
  • Do you suffer from bouts of depression or anxiety?
  • Do you wonder what the point of life is?
  • Are you wondering WTF those spiritual gurus are talking about?
  • Are you envious of other people’s happiness/success?
  • Do you feel despondent at the state of the world portrayed in the news?
  • Are you scared something bad / out of your control is going to happen to you?
  • Are you worried time is running out and you’ll never find your purpose?
  • Do you believe genuine happiness is fleeting?

Well, I was feeling all of that, but most of all, I felt ashamed that after more than 12 years of reading about psychology and spirituality and dabbling in it all

-from conspiracy theories to being a certified yoga teacher, to past life regressive therapy and silent meditation retreats-

I was still asking:

“what’s the point of life?”
“why aren’t I happy?”

But the ONLY fundamental issue I came to realize, was that I was living without a framework for existence.

I just didn’t know the mechanics of life.

How it works.

The universe is not without order.

I was simply ignorant of its Laws & Principles.

It was as if I was trying to play chess without knowing the rules of the game.

There is a consistent way to function in which we flourish and thrive.

Just like nature inherently does.

And so that’s why I created Awakening to The Framework of Existence.

To counter all the BS and misinformation that’s out there about personal growth, spirituality and how we’re “supposed to” live our lives.

Awakening is the first module of the Organizing the Universal Human Mastermind Program.

In this course, you’ll learn about the framework of existence and the mechanics of consciousness.

Or in simpler terms, the structure of creation and how to live fulfilling life experiences.

In this first module of a three-part series, I provide a re-contextualizing of the world we live in to create a higher frame of reference (understanding/perspective/vantage point) that awakens you to your innate power!

It’s a one-hour video categorized into compelling -easy to understand- lessons

It’s an asynchronous training, yours to complete on your own time.

You buy it once and have access forever, including all the new material added along the way.

You also get bonus videos and journaling prompts!

And instant access when I upload new material as my understandings deepen.

You can also purchase just the recording for 77$

In the course, I go through #Bashar’s five Laws of Creation and the Principles of the Universe

The laws are:

  1. You Exist
  2. Everything is Here and Now
  3. The One is the All and the All are One
  4. You get back what you put out
  5. Everything changes except the first 4 laws

And the principles are:

  1. Life has no pre-built-in meaning
  2. You naturally operate perfectly and efficiently
  3. Believing is seeing
  4. Self-empowerment is at the root of everything you desire
  5. Our emotions are our vibrational guidance system

You can even check out a short preview.

This course will

  • Strengthen your self-understanding so that you know who you truly are and what you’re capable of
  • Assist you in making sense of your life experiences so that you understand how you’re getting what you’re getting and get more of what you want
  • Empower you by seeing things from a higher vantage point
  • Teach you how to tap into your innate strengths and natural gifts.
  • Help you foster emotional stability
  • Provide a consistent framework which elicits better decision-making.

By taking this course you will gain

  • The blueprint for a thriving mindset
  • The processes to better navigate your life experience
  • The tools to master creating your reality
  • Mental clarity

This course is for you if you (just like I was):

  • Are longing for psychological (mental) relief
  • Want to learn how to be free of social and spiritual conditioning
  • Want to clear up the noise
  • Want to transform into your Universal Self

You want to take this course if you tend to:

  • Undermine or sabotage yourself
  • Feel overwhelmed, depressed or ornery often
  • Feel dissatisfied, confused or bored with life

This first module covers:

  • Universal laws & principles (who you are)
  • Mechanics of consciousness (how to live joyfully)
  • Values elicitation (self-understanding)

The benefits of taking this course are:

  • Relief from the symptoms of depression & anxiety
  • Increased sense of well-being
  • Self-empowerment
  • A renewed « joix-de-vivre »

So, what makes me qualified to give this course?

Here is a little bit more about me…

Well, I’ve always been fascinated with what makes people behave the way they do.

From a very young age, like 4 or 5, I would people-watch.

I remember playing in the alley behind our apartment and being fascinated by watching a couple fight (argue strongly) about running out of alcohol and blaming each other for having no money to get more.

In my late teens and early twenties, I read books on serial killers and watched all the shows about criminal profiling.

I was interested in becoming either a psychologist or a criminologist.

I was so curious and interested as to why people would do what they did -what drove them to such behaviour.

Although I was more interested in these extreme behaviours -well, because they were soo extreme- I was also deeply curious and interested in all interpersonal interactions and dynamics…

  • Parent and child
  • Employer/employee
  • Friends
  • Sexual partnerships

At the age of 24, while carving a path in the corporate world -doing what I thought I was “supposed to do”-

I was given my first spiritual book -The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav- and;

I was floored/enamoured.

It was so powerful.

The book answered a lot of the existential questions I had had so far in my life.

Since then, I’ve read over 100 books on psychology, old and new age philosophies, and metaphysics.

Coined The Organizing Queen by my administrative peers, my superpower is to systematize my research and experiential knowledge into compelling meditations, channelings and courses that demystify the worlds of psychology, spirituality, and metaphysics into simple and tangible content so that these ethereal notions are understood and can be applied in everyday life.

What’s important to know about me is that I leave no stone unturned.

Meaning, I get to the core of a subject or question.

Here is a little anecdote to that effect:

I resented my ex for not paying enough attention to me and not putting enough effort into our relationship.

The truth is, I stayed 7.5 years too long in an 8-year relationship, forcing, bending and compromising myself out of my natural desires, to fit into what I thought was supposed to be a model relationship.

The fact remains that I knew, within the first 6 months, that he could not give me what I longed for.

But rather than staying true to what my intuition was telling me and being confident that I could find the yearning I desired elsewhere (by the way, I only found it within!), I stayed because my frame of mind -moulded by social convention- dictated that at 22, I should have had or been in a long-term relationship, otherwise I was a slut.

My more traditional background is that I have a bachelor’s in Fine Arts with a Design Art major and a Minor in computer graphics.

I’m also a certified Kripalu Yoga and Yoga Nidra Teacher and certified in Therapeutic Yoga for Depression and Anxiety.

And, I have also completed numerous business, channeling and meditation workshops and training.

So!? Are you ready to delve deeper into the rabbit hole and come out the other side:

  • Confident in yourself;
  • With a newfound zest for life and;
  • Transformed into your Universal Self?

If so, I encourage you to register below!

You’ll love it 🙂

I live joyfully when I Think Deliberately,