Channeling | Group Session

Channeling | Group Session


If you have not done so already, please read the Channeling Session description before making your purchase.

Once purchased:

I will contact you by email to schedule a date and time
I will then send every participant a Zoom link (the session is recorded)
Each participant can prepare one or two questions for their Higher Selves that they would like answers to.
I channel messages from your collective non-physical counterparts
I send each participant a copy of the recording

Here are a few guidelines I encourage for a favourable channeling experience :

  1. Make sure you will not be disturbed (pets, kids, phone, spouse, etc.). This time is for You.
  2. There is nothing that you need to do but sit back comfortably -close your eyes if you feel like it- and listen. You will get a recording of the session within 48 hours to play back at your leisure.
  3. Please prepare at least one question in advance. You can also intuitively / spontaneously ask questions during the channeling.
  4. Sometimes the energy can be quite active (you can feel tired or somewhat ungrounded) afterwards, try to allow 30 minutes or more to acclimate and integrate