Chakras – Awakening The Energy Centers

Keywords - Chakras, energy centers, kundalini, pingala, ida and sushumna nadi, True Self, endocrine system, perineum This meditation is beneficial for reinvigorating the endocrine system, harmonizing thoughts and emotions and increasing awareness. Good for individuals looking for increased energy and strengthening their connection to the divine. I recommend leafing through some Google images on the different Chakras and their related body parts / glands so that the meditator can chose to...


Connecting New Neural Networks

Keywords - Brain synapses, neuroplasticity, leaps of perception, healing, understanding, conscious awareness Description - This meditation is beneficial for increasing self confidence, cultivating Ahimsa (non-violence/self-compassion) and emotional release. Good for individuals looking to make peace with past events or with life circumstances and “rising above the fog”. I recommend learning more about Joe Dispenza’s saying: “Neurons that fire together, wire together” and Samskara’s (mental impressions). Intention - I open my entire being to...


Stabilizing the Nervous System

Keywords - Nervous system, relaxation response, sympathetic (SNS), parasympathetic (PNS), brain stem, spinal cord, vagus nerve, quantum soup This meditation is beneficial for strengthening the immune system, revitalizing the body and enhancing creativity. Good for individuals looking for a blissful and natural high. I recommend leafing through some Google images of the body’s brain stem and nervous system so that the journeying stage of the meditation may be visually increased. Intention...