The #1 Mindset Shift for Self-Empowerment

The #1 mindset Shift for self-empowerment is to stop focusing on things that are not going well, and ONLY focus on what’s going well, and on what’s desired.

But we’ve been far conditioned into pinpointing what’s not going well, rather than focusing on all the wonderful things in the world.

In school, we’re told to get better at the subject(s) we aren’t really good at rather than focusing on the ones we excel in.

At work, we’re evaluated based on bettering our weaker skills.

In everyday life, we mostly complain about what people are doing “wrong”.

We get together and bitch about our jobs, the weather, the economy, our ailments…

In religious and spiritual circles, we’re taught there is something inherently wrong that we must redeem/heal.

In the news… about celebrities…

We keep shining a spotlight on what we think is wrong.

And that goes directly against the very nature of the universe.

When we pay attention to what we don’t want, we’re buying into that experience whether we want it or not.

The Law of Attraction doesn’t care about what we’re feeling or how much we’re compromising.

It just provides us with the essence of our core state of being.

Pinpointing what’s “wrong”, will keep yielding thoughts and situations on that frequency band.

And what kind of life does that create?

The kind where we’re burnt out, depressed, anxious, cynical, ornery…

The kind where we keep sacrificing our innate desires and forsake those who aren’t.

The kind where we lack joy and enthusiasm.

Sacrificing begets sacrificial experiences.

Good-feeling thoughts beget good-feeling experiences.


So, what kind of life would we prefer to build instead?

What kind of vibe do we want to magnetize and amplify more of into our experiences?

How about we focus and talk about those a lot more moving forward? 

We are designed/built to thrive, just like nature does ❤️

Life is supposed to feel good.

Think deliberately,

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