Stop Effing Yourselves Over

Stop effing yourselves over with terms like toxic positivity, spiritual bypassing or karma’s a bitch.

First of all, what do these terms even mean to you?

According to who’s standards are these terms being evaluated, categorized or implemented?

How and who determines when someone or another is spiritually bypassing?

How and who determines when someone is being toxically positive? -which is technically an oxymoron by the way.

Stop effing yourselves over!

Nothing has any inherent pre-built-in meaning.

It’s all up to you.

You ultimately assign meaning to everything!

The Law of Attraction magnetizes to your core state of being, whether or not you want these thoughts or experiences ! ! !

YOU’RE FREE TO DECIDE into the thoughts and feeling you prefer -or not!

YOU’RE FREE TO CHOOSE which thoughts you want to think and therefore which feelings you want to feel -or not!


Not God, not me, not your astrological sign, not Oprah, not your spirit guides,


You ultimately set the standard.

You ultimately choose -consciously or not- whether you get affected by Jesus, the moon in Scorpio, something or someone.

You hold the perspective.

You focus your attention.

You are the architect of your life experience.

Life is not happening to you
Life is not happening for you
Life is happening FROM you*

So, stop effing yourselves over with deprecative thoughts … or not!

Try this 21-day challenge- or not -LOL

Write down positive aspects* (as many as you want but 3 minimum) about yourself and your life twice a day.

Make yourself feel good and notice the shift in your energy.

Be proud of your conscious creation.

Then correlate with your daily mood and experiences-

And, let me know about your awareness if you’re inspired to do so ❤️

Think deliberately,

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