I thought I Was Doing Life Wrong

I had all the things and yet I was still unhappy.

I felt ungrateful.

I felt frustrated.

There seemed to be these lingering/obscure things that I had to conform to, but I didn’t know what they were, what was wanted from me or what exactly I was supposed to do.

I thought I was supposed to:

  • Heal my childhood traumas
  • Redeem myself for past-life wrongdoings
  • Let go of (not have any) desires because they cause suffering
  • Sacrifice / dim / hide my good-fortune
  • Be grateful and settle for less than what I truly wanted, otherwise, I would be greedy
  • Fear unconscious beliefs
  • Work hard and get better at things I’m not inherently good at

But the ONLY fundamental issue I’ve come to realize was that I was living without a framework for existence.

I just didn’t know the mechanics of life; how it works.

The universe is not without order.

I was simply ignorant of its laws & principles.

It was as if I was trying to play chess without knowing the rules of the game.

There is a consistent way to function in which we flourish and thrive.

There is no means to an end with the universe.

Or in other words, there is nothing wrong with us.

We were not born flawed.

There is nothing we need to fix or heal in order to have a good life experience.

We simply need to:

  • want it
  • believe we can have it
  • focus our thoughts accordingly

Everything that you do, everything that you create, every endeavour, scientific, economic, social or otherwise that you go into is always going to reflect where you are at in your understanding and relationship to your own consciousness.” — Bashar

Think Deliberately,

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