I Can’t Make You Happy Or…

skinnier or successful or healed or …

Someone asked me a few days ago how I measured my results.

In other words, this person wanted to know what the return on his investment would be if he took my course.

The thing is, I’m not selling you a means to an end.

Because well, the real thing is, there is no end and the most important thing is that there is NOTHING wrong with you that you need to fix before you can be happy!

My point is that I’m not telling you that if:

  • you meditate every day at 4:44 am;
  • or that if you walk barefoot in the grass during your monthly cycle;
  • or that if you do your shadow work to heal your inner child;
  • or that if you…

…you’ll be happy, healed or successful or, or, or…

What I’m giving you, and what anyone can ever only give you, is what they know and how it works for them.

The rest is only ―and will ever only be up to you.

So what I know for sure and what I base my teachings on, among a couple of other things, is that you are a self-aware, self-reflective, free-will being.

And that means that, when you come to learn about and understand who you truly are and how life operates on a universal level, you develop the knowledge that repatterns your internal resources (perspective/mindset/beliefs) so that you’re able to make sense of your life experiences and create your reality deliberately.

And so, by becoming equipped with a solid framework that doesn’t change, through which you can filter ALL of your information and experiences, you understand how you can be, do, or have what you want.

Once I learned about the Universal Laws & Principles and the mechanics of life, I could better:

  • Take the time to do what I felt like doing, when I felt like doing it, unabashedly;
  • Handle effortlessly any and all situations I was faced with; and,
  • Be completely present and hold the space for my daughter as she’s finding her own bearings.

So, I can’t teach you how to be happy, healthy or prosperous, especially because happiness, health and prosperity mean different things to different people!

But I can totally (and do it really well) be of service to you by teaching you about the framework of existence.

And so, in the same way, you learned your numbers and you can now work an Excel sheet like a pro, I can teach you about the nature of reality so that you can navigate your life like a pro.

So what can I guarantee as a return on your investment?

A significant increase in your vantage point, which elevates your level of consciousness above the chaos and the misinformation, and provides you with the much-needed psychological relief and self-empowerment you’re (we’re all) craving ❤️

Now it’s up to you to figure out how much that’s worth to you and if my course gives you your bang for your buck, which I’m confident it does, and more.

Think Deliberately,

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