Channeling | Private Session

Private Channeling session are 1h long and are primarily done through Zoom.

My type of Channeling is akin to having a conversation with your higher (multidimensional) Self.

It is a similar experience to having energetic (reiki, massage, axiatonal alignment) work done, but verbally. You can also think of it as a therapy session, but rather than having you speak about your problem(s), I am the one doing most of the talking, explaining / clarifying universal concepts, i.e., Channeling solution(s).

My style of Channeling is not like a tarot (numerology / astrology) or a clairvoyance type reading experience. It is also not about healing past traumas or predicting the future.

This conversation is about giving you -downloading in that Now- cosmic knowledge, tools and perspectives that you can choose to use to heal / improve yourself.

Channeling | Group Session

Groups of 4 minimum — 12 maximum
The details and guidelines are similar to the private session.
Channeling sessions are 2h long and are primarily done in person although they can be done via Zoom. On average I channel between 40 to 60 minutes and the second hour is reserved for Q&A.

You would like to organize a Channeling session for a group with more than 12 participants? Kindly contact me directly to assess your needs and get a quote.