Who I am, what I do and why I do it

My heart’s desire is that we ALL awaken to the true & positive power of our mind.

Hi I'm Lina, I’m a self-empowerment trainer.

I train people on building and sustaining personal power and knowing how to deliberately enrich their life experiences.

I do this by teaching them to organize their thoughts in accordance with the laws & principles of the universe.

About Beyond StruKtureS

Beyond StruKtureS was born out of the need to break free and live beyond the structures of social and spiritual conditioning in order to heal the split in the mental plane

—between who we are in this life and who we truly are:

soul/spirit/essence/vibration/infinite consciousness manifested in this time-space reality.

Living Beyond the Status Quos

The status quo is —by most means—no longer viable.

Burnouts, depression, anxiety, Wednesday evening lineups at the liquor and cannabis stores, binge watching Netflix series, are all symptomatic of a deeper issue;

that of not knowing or understanding the Universal Laws & Principles.

When you learn who you truly are and how things really function, you can live and express your true freedom of mind and thrive.

“Know Thy(cosmic)Self

Living From Our Essence

EVERY worldly problem, big or small, is due to this mental split.

We’ve imprisoned / limited our consciousness in our personal and societal beliefs rather than working from a universal framework.

We keep looking to reality (outside ourselves) to try to heal the gap in our minds.

Once you train yourself to connect to your true essence and live in accordance with the Laws and Principles of the Universe you will know how to build and sustain your personal power and know how to continually live an enriched life.

And once you are able to recognize and apply this ability for yourself, you will be able to inspire others discover it for themselves also.

Think of tomorrow’s civilization if at our core, we would all heal our mental split.


There are 3 ways you can work with me: Through my one-on-one or group channeling sessions, through my online courses and through my Guided Yoga Nidra Meditations.