Deliberately Build The Life
You Love To Live In

Living Beyond the Status Quos

The status quo is —by most means—no longer viable. Burn-outs, depression, anxiety, Wednesday evening cues at SAQ, continually out of stock at the SQDC, binge watching Netflix series, are all symptoms of a deeper issue; that of not being able to express our true freedom of mind.

Beyond StruKtureS was born as a means of helping people see and know themselves beyond both our self, societies as well spiritually imposed beliefs, in order to heal the split in the mental plane —between who you are in this life and who you truly are, i.e. soul / spirit / essence / vibration / consciousness manifested in this time space reality.

It is only when you learn who you truly are and live by the simple universal framework, that you can express your true freedom of mind and thrive.

“Know Thy(cosmic)Self”

Living From Our Essence

EVERY worldly problem, big or small, is due to this mental split. We’ve imprisoned / limited our consciousness in our personal and societal beliefs and we keep looking outside ourselves to try to heal the gap between who we truly are and who we want to be.

Everybody wants more of something. More time, more money, more stature, more influence; but wanting the physicality (manifestation) of these things only expresses further, the deep lack of personal freedom, because you are paradoxically searching for “stuff” outside yourself when ALL the resources you NEED are built-in.

Once you learn to connect to who you truly are, trust in yourself and the universal laws, you will gradually learn how to deliberately enrich your life experience and have the confidence to attract the life you love to live.

And once you are able to recognize and apply this ability for yourself, you will be able to let other’s discover it for themselves also. Think of tomorrow’s civilization if at our core, we would all heal our mental split.


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Why Choose Beyond StruKtureS

Online Courses

Home of the Organizing the Future Human Training Program. A comprehensive personal growth & development program created for the purpose of leading a thriving life. The only one you need. Providing extensive knowledge into the nature of reality. Learn More

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a state of being. It’s akin to the morning state of being still asleep but conscious. It’s that feeling when your identity is not present and when all feels right and connected. It’s when your awareness is aligned with the pure vibration of the Source of All That Is. Learn more


Channeling sessions are centred around learning to perceive ourselves and the world around us Beyond limiting belief StruKtureS and applying simple universal principles (tools) in our daily lives in order to know (feel) how to deliberately enrich our life experiences. Learn more


I have a dream

I dream that my words inspire people to ask themselves but one (1) question:

How do I want to feel in every moment?

The universe is vibration and so are we, and our feelings / emotions are our guidance system. When we vibrate to the frequency of All That Is (unconditional creation), we are allowing what we truly want to come through. Trusting that following your highest excitement (follow your bliss – what you intrinsically feel like doing in the moment) will lead you towards what you really want, i.e. freedom of mind and prosperity.

Eager to learn how to accomplish this?

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